Lyncburg man lucky after several trailer homes demolished by tornado

City officials assess $7.5 million in damages throughout the Hill City

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Drone footage taken over the Brentwood Mobile home complex gives a bird's-eye view of the damage left behind from Sunday's tornado storm.

The ground, provides a different perspective.

"The power lines were wrapped around my trailer, so I couldn't even get out my trailer for about a day or two," said Dean Ragland, who lives in Brentwood Mobile Park.

Ragland just moved into his trailer six months ago. He was in his room as the tornado ripped through Lynchburg.

"It hit all at one time. All the trees just come down, boom! It hit the trailer beside me and the one in front of me. It didn't touch my trailer. So I was just lucky," Ragland said.

Ragland's neighbors' trailer home is one of several trailers in Lynchburg that was demolished and in shambles. The family who lived in the home lost everything. when a tree fell on top of it. Ragland said they are lucky they weren't home at the time.

"'Cause if they had been home, they wouldn't be here. All the trees come from behind my house and landed on top of theirs," Ragland said

While the Red Cross helps Ragland's other neighbors get back on their feet. Ragland considers himself blesses that his home was only damage by the wind. He said he's also learned a valuable lesson.

"I'm getting home insurance after this. I will get homeowner's insurance in case something happens again," Ragland said.

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