Wades Foods owner hopeful for more customers to keep doors open

Wades Foods in Dublin in need of community support


DUBLIN, Va. – For more than half a century, Wades Foods has been a staple in the downtown community.

The owner, Greg Wade, said he expects to close the store, which isn't producing enough revenue.

However, he also shared mixed feelings.

“I'm still having second thoughts. I had second thoughts yesterday. I had second thoughts when I was doing my newspaper ads,” Wade said.

Willard Akers, who has been coming to the store since its opening day, is concerned.

“We need it in Dublin,” Akers said.

While Wade is currently planning to close the store, he says he's still hopeful that something might change in the next few months.

Wade says in order to keep the store open, he would need another $25,000 in sales.

He's hoping that more customers will come in buying groceries during the next couple months.

“I would like to have another 100 or 200 customers a week,” Wade said.

“My birthday is next Thursday, and my family buys me gift cards to buy groceries here,” Akers said.

That's the kind of support Wade hopes more in the community will offer to keep the doors open.