Cleanup efforts continue in Elon after devastating tornado rips through neighborhood

Amherst County Sheriff's Office, community members thank local companies

ELON, Va. – It's been a rough six days for Sean O'Neill.

"I haven't been sleeping that good. I've been here. This is all I've been doing. Trying to get my life back together," O'Neill said.

There to help him get back on track and clean up a pile of debris in front of his home were his co-workers.

"We worked together, this group of guys here. We've been together for a long time. (We) felt a need to come out and give him a hand," Jeff Fannie, production manager, said.

Unlike his neighbors, O'Neill's home is still intact after Sunday's EF3 tornado tore through the Elon neighborhood.

"The wind was so strong. It blew my patio door out. It was like a vacuum. It was just sucking things out," O'Neill said.

He took 10 News Reporter Magdala Louissaint inside his home.

He said, like a dart, a piece of laminate flooring went through his closet wall.

"This is from somebody else's house," O'Neill said.

Broken glass, dirt and grass are scattered all over a place he's called home for 28 years.

"All my kids grew up here. It's just devastation," O'Neill said.

Though his house spared, the stress of it all, he says, is unbearable.

"The Lord saved our house. We were able to keep all our memories and stuff like that where other people didn't, but the stress, how tired I am right now. Sometimes I wish it was just gone," O'Neill said.

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