Cleanup in Danville from Sunday's EF-1 tornado to continue through weekend

Cleanup has been underway all week

DANVILLE, Va. – Woodlawn Baptist Church on Westover Drive in Danville has been home base for the cleanup effort in Danville after Sunday's EF-1 tornado.

On Monday, the 2500 block of Westover Drive was nearly impassible due to downed trees and electrical lines.

On Friday, however, most of the signs of Sunday's tornado were gone.

"We've had a good response from our community. Neighbors have come out helping each other," Woodlawn Baptist Church pastor Bradley Childress said.

Childress has experienced the tornado recovery process before.

He was a pastor in Appomatox when a tornado devastated that area in 2016.

The damage from Sunday's tornado in Danville reminds him why helping people recover is so important.

"(I) stepped outside and saw all the damage and it kind of reminded me that a lot of times people feel hopeless and helpless," Childress said.

Woodlawn Baptist Church members have done their fair share of help this week.

"We've opened up our facility for all the construction workers, linemen to come in and use the restroom. We've been feeding all the volunteers and all of the electrical crews. We've been feeding them lunch each day," Childress said.

American Red Cross volunteers arrived and set up shop at the church Friday.

Volunteer Chip Grubb said they want people to know where they are and how they can help.

"We've got folks that are out in the field that are actually going door to door," Grubb explained. "We've got food, we've got snacks, we've got ready-to-eat items. We've got case workers that are here that will be happy to help folks."

The case workers will be available until 3 p.m. Saturday.

Grubb, who started his week helping tornado victims in Lynchburg and Amherst County, encourages people not to be embarrassed to reach out for help.

"This is what the Red Cross exists for, to help folks in need," Grubb said.

As we've reported, the tornado is estimated to have caused about $3 million in damage in the city and about $1.4 million in Pittsylvania County.

Childress said volunteers will be working at 15-20 job sites over the weekend as cleanup continues.