What should be done about decaying pedestrian bridge over Dan River in Danville?

City Council mulling idea of spending $400,000 for bridge work

DANVILLE, Va. – Danville's budget for the upcoming fiscal year could include money for work on a decaying pedestrian bridge over the Dan River.

The city's economic development office has asked for $400,000 to help cover the cost of removing asbestos and lead paint from the bridge.

The economic development office says another $2 million to $5 million would then be needed to develop the bridge and make it usable again.

Currently, a private company owns the bridge but is interested in donating it to the city.

Danville residents 10 News spoke to have mixed opinions about whether money should be spent on the bridge.

"I'd like to see the bridge over there become like a walking bridge; something for people to get across the river," Michelle Wilson said, gesturing to the bridge from the lobby of the YMCA, which sits a short distance away from the bridge.

"I think it's a bad use of taxpayer money because there's a lot of things that need to be done to the city," Dolores HIcks said.

City Council members have not made a final decision about the economic development office's request.

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