Trial set for Pittsylvania County mother accused of drowning newborn son

Vanessa Poteat's trial scheduled for Aug. 8-9


Vanessa Poteat's trial has been rescheduled for Aug. 21-22. According to the Danville Circuit Court's website, the original trial dates of Aug. 8-9 have been withdrawn.



The Pittsylvania County mother accused of drowning her newborn son and hiding the body in a duffel bag for nearly three years could go to trial this summer.

According to online court records, Vanessa Poteat's trial is scheduled for Aug. 8-9.

She is charged with first-degree murder.

Court records say the child was killed on Sept. 20, 2013.

As 10 News has reported, the baby boy, which investigators believe was only about a day old when he was killed, was found in a duffel bag in 2016 inside the home at 53 Schoolfield Drive in Danville.

According to court records, the home belonged to the mother of Poteat's boyfriend.

Poteat asked her boyfriend to get a duffel bag and some other items from the home and that's when the body was discovered.

Investigators believe Poteat concealed both her pregnancy and birth and moved the duffel bag with the child in it around to various locations over the years.

Investigators have not released any information about a motive.