Lynchburg city looking to fight cybercrime full time

Information technology department proposing new chief information officer

LYNCHBURG, Va, – Lynchburg city wants to combat cybercrime full time.

In the proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year, the information technology department is asking for up to $146,000 to hire someone whose only job will be to manage the city's cybersecurity.

City officials say the person who fills the proposed position will be responsible for about 20 departments.

Officials say computerized threats are growing and so is the opportunity for an attack, so they want to stay ahead of the curve.

"We have issues all the time, nothing severe. But as you probably know, cybersecurity threats are constant and part of the threats are just employee education, knowing how to avoid a phishing attack as an example of those kinds of things, how to handle personal information or sensitive information," said Mike Goetz, director of information technology.

Even if approved by city council, the department won't be able to fill the position until fall. 

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