Court documents reveal new information about Amherst County mother charged with killing son

Medical examiner's office could not determine how or why the child died


Fighting her tears, Teresa Wood, Maegan Collier's mother, said, "It's real hard because, not only did we lose Kolton, but I'm losing my daughter too."

An Amherst County family is now torn apart.

"I never personally got to meet him. The first time meeting him was in the casket. But as an aunt. He still meant the world to me," Ellan Wood, Collier's sister, said.

Two month old Kolton Collier's life was cut short on March 6th. Charged in his death, his own mother Maegen Collier.

"It's all kinds of rumors going around. Just different people saying different things. You don't know what to believe. And then there's things that are possibly true that you don't want to believe happened. Like I said all that will come out in the wash," Wood said.

According to court documents Collier is charged with involuntary manslaughter and two counts of felony child endangerment. She's also charged with abusing her other son, a 1 year old. Wood said in the past the family had custody of her daughter's first born because they believe she had a drug problem and was in and out of homes.

"Our goal was to get Eastyn back with her. That was our goal. I told her if you just get away from the stuff that's pulling you down, get a job, get your own place. You won't have any issues getting him back," Wood said.

Wood said the 23-year-old reached that goal and made a positive turn around. But last month she doesn't know what changed.

"Kolton was healthy the last time I seen him. He was healthy. He was eating. He was perfect. What happened the last three weeks he was alive nobody knows what was going on because she it's like she annilated herself and the children from both sets of grandparent," Wood said.

The grandmother of six said, it's going to be hard for her family to move on from this.

"I just want justice for Kolton. And Maegan needs help. Get the help she needs," Wood said.


A Madison Heights mother is in jail for allegedly killing her one-month-old child. 

Tuesday evening, the Amherst County Sheriff's Office alerted the public that they were searching for Maegan Collier, 23, who was arrested later that night.

She is charged with involuntary manslaughter and two counts of felony child endangerment.


Credit: Ellann Wood

Collier killed her son, Kolton Collier, on March 6, according to court documents.

The medical examiner's office tells 10 News it could not determine how or why the child died.

Collier is also charged with abusing her other child, a one-year-old son. The documents say she showed reckless disregard for his life. He is now being cared for by Collier's mother.

On Facebook, Collier describes herself as, "I'm a mother of two boys one who is watching over me now that I miss every day 😇fly high KRC😇"

In several Facebook posts, the 23-year-old writes posts of how much she loves and misses her son Kolton.

We tried to get the search warrants for this case, but they've been sealed. 

Collier did appear in court Wednesday via video. She was given an attorney and will appear in court in June. 

10 News has an interview scheduled with Collier's mother. We'll update that story with more information later tonight.

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