Recent meeting unveils new traffic patterns for Graves Mill Road

If approved by Lynchburg City Council, work could start this summer

BEDFORD, Va. – Bertha Arthur's home is the only house near the Graves Mill Road and Gristmill Drive intersection.

She's lived there almost 18 years and has seen it change from dirt to asphalt and the rise of commercial buildings. 

"Who am I to hold back progress, OK? Since I'm the only house over here, it's time for me to get out Isn't it?" Arthur said. 

Lynchburg,  Bedford County and Region 2000 Local Government Council are looking to improve traffic from the start of Graves Mill Road in Lynchburg and to the end of it in Bedford County. 

In a recent meeting, officials proposed to the public new road patterns. 

"Well, what I don't want is a roundabout. I think Lynchburg has enough roundabouts now. Roundabouts is not a good thing for here," Arthur said.

There is a roundabout proposed at the intersection of Graves Mill Road and McConville Road. Other ideas, including: 

Adding a third lane, or creating two through lanes, and a dedicated left turn lane onto Gristmill Drive. 
Adding a second right turn lane. And a diverging diamond interchange, similar to the one near the Valley View Mall in Roanoke. 

Officials with Region 2000 Local Government Council say the proposed interchange will cost more but it will use what's already there, including the bridge near the Lynchburg Expressway. It will extend its life without having to build new structures. 

"Well if they're going to be building apartments and everything, I would think the diverging would be good," Arthur said.

The study is being paid for by the Region 2000 Local Government Council and the City of Lynchburg. Bedford County is a partner in the project, but is not contributing funding. If built at all, recommendations in the study could take years to arrange for funding. 

The proposed improvements are recommendations, and funding for specific elements has not been approved. The City of Lynchburg has applied to VDOT for funding of two small components of the overall project, but the money has not yet been officially awarded.

At this point, the Local Government Council, City of Lynchburg, and VDOT have no opinions on specific recommendations.

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