Dolphin tackles unsuspecting paddleboarder in hilarious video

Surf's up!

Screenshot from video.
Screenshot from video.

Pro tip: Look out for dolphins next time you're paddleboarding in the ocean. 

Paddleboarder Andrew Hill was sacked like a quarterback by a rogue dolphin off the coast of Gracetown in Western Australia, and luckily, someone captured the wild event on camera for the internet to enjoy. 

Hill told 7 News Perth that it's normal for a pod of dolphins (who knew that a group of dolphins is called a pod?) to be swimming while people are paddleboarding, noting that "generally, they just take off to one side, left or right."

On this day, however, eight or nine dolphins decided to ride the same wave as Hill, with one dolphin taking matters into its own hands (er, fins?) by taking some aggression out on Hill. 



Instagram user @lubricatedsurf captured the video, and the audible gasp from the man behind the account, Lucas Englert, when Hill is body-slammed by the dolphin is pretty hilarious.

Luckily, Hill was not hurt during the incident (which makes giggling about this video not so bad), but he said that it was similar to getting tackled while playing rugby.

"Hats off to him," he added about the dolphin.

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