Less than a quarter of Danville voters expected to vote in Tuesday's election

Three school board, four city council seats up for grabs


DANVILLE, Va. – It's election day and about 20 percent of Danville voters are expected to cast their vote.

According to Danville Registrar Peggy Petty, the average turnout for a local election is about 20 percent.

Three school board and four city council seats are up for grabs.

Petty estimated that by 11 a.m. about 1,000 people had voted.

"In a presidential (election), we would've had that many citywide within the first hour," Petty said. "So it's going to be probably close to 20 percent. I'd love the voters to get out and prove me wrong. It's such a beautiful day. What a great day to go out and exercise your right to vote."

Petty said a slow election can be a good thing though.

It allows new poll workers to train in a calm environment as opposed to the busy environment of a national election when voter turnout is much higher.