Rezoning proposal submitted to town council for old Blacksburg middle school lot


BLACKSBURG ,Va. – The development project proposed by Midtown Partners could cost up to $150 million and bring in as many to 300 new jobs.

The project would bring in a series of new restaurants, other businesses and 300 new housing units.
These benefits are what some local shop owners want. Michelle Raub ,who owns T.R Collection and Sugar Magnolia in downtown Blacksburg,says the possible development on the grounds of the old Blacksburg middle school has been a long time coming. 

"This will be a great gateway into downtown so we are excited with the things happening to it and has been a long time coming and there are a lot of questions still but we see the opportunity there," said Raub.

Last Friday, Midtown Redevelopment partners outlined the project when it presented the town with a new zoning request. It wants the town to be change the current zoning, which only allows four homes per acre.
     Also it wants the areas closer to Main Street to be rezoned from civic to downtown commercial to bring in more opportunity. 

"The rezoning is the most important part that's happening right now and we are really excited to see that area rezoned so we can bring more opportunity into retail residential and non-student residential,” said Raub.

     Not everyone wants this change. 10 News spoke to several residents of the community who are opposed to it but did not want to be on camera who are opposed. There is even a Facebook page title "Say no to rezoning of the old Blacksburg middle school.”

If the rezoning is not approved the land owned by developers will build with current zoning-- meaning additional higher cost homes.

     The decision to rezone will first go to the Planning Commission work session, which is scheduled for June 19 and then will be decided by the Town Council.