Community helps Riner business owner relocate buffalo

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Va. – A battle over land for buffalo and a change in ownership at a Montgomery County farm had the herd on the move. 

The buffalo are settling in on a new piece of land to roam and call home. The herd's owners, Connie Hale and Carla George, were forced to pack up their animals and move about a month ago when they were evicted from their former property in Riner. 

"They are our livelihood. We care about those animals very deeply so it's been emotionally a challenge to work through this," said Connie. 

Connie and Carla had been leasing the land to own before the property changed hands and their plans changed. 

"Instead of fighting it, I just moved forward and did what it took with the support of this community to get my animals moved," said Connie. 

And it wasn't just neighbors and friends of the farm helping out, Virginia Tech agriculture students and members of the Corps of Cadets pitched in.

"The community wrapped around us and started helping us by donating their time, by bringing us supplies, by cutting us fence posts and by going to the new farm and making us a fence," said Connie. 

"We're just all working together and figuring out who's doing what and it's been really incredible. That's been the nicest thing for me," said Tracy Bishop, a volunteer.

A safe and quick move was even more crucial because the buffalo serve another purpose -- they provide the food for travelers and Riner residents that stop in for a bite at Buffalo and More. 

To help Connie relocate her Buffalo and More restaurant, click here.