'You're going to be with the Lord...' local father tells son moments after he died

Andra Watson, 33, was shot in the head in a weekend shooting in Lynchburg


LYNCHBURG, Va. – The death of a child is a pain no parent ever wants to experience.

"I cry off and on because... my baby's gone," said Bobbie Watson Sr., Andra Watson's father.

Watson, a father of five, says he got a call around 3 a.m. Saturday and heard his son Andra had been shot in the head on 18th Street in Lynchburg. The final conversation with his son was moments after he died at a local hospital.

"While I was back there, I was talking to Andra. I told Andra, 'You're going to be with the Lord and daddy will see you somewhere along the way,'" Watson said.

Watson said as days go on, it doesn't get any easier because he knows he'll never see his son again. 

"But I look at this part, too. He didn't suffer. The good Lord called him on. That's the part I liked. You know, a girl got shot, too," Watson said.

He said his son was a great man. He didn't bother anyone and was a good father to two beautiful children. No arrests have been made yet, but Watson hopes to see justice served soon.

"Well I hope they will catch him. I feel like this. Let me tell you how I feel. I wish they would give him the electric chair. He killed my son. That's the way I feel, but I will let them settle that," Watson said.
Watson tells 10 News that Andra's funeral is planned for Saturday.

Police say the woman who was also shot in the head is stable but they have not released her name and Watson said he does not know his son's relationship with her.

On Friday, Lynchburg police will be in the Diamond Hill neighborhood, hoping to find out who killed Andra Watson and to continue investigating two other homicides that have happened this year in the same part of Diamond Hill.