Local members react to Boy Scout organization name change

Boy Scout organization announces major change

BLACKSBURG, Va. – Since the Boy Scout organization announced a major change to reflect the fact that both boys and girls can participate in one of its programs, Cub Scout Ruby Provo and girls like her will soon be able to join as members.

“I'm excited that a lot of my other friends will be about to join,” Provo said.

The organization is dropping the word "Boy" from Boy Scouts, calling themselves Scouts BSA, and inviting girls to sign up.

The news that triggered Provo's excitement has others concerned.

While the Boy Scouts organization has been around for a long time, so has the Girl Scouts organization.

CEO Nikki Williams of the Girl Scouts of Virginia Skyline is concerned about the programming for girls who enter Scouts BSA.

“I think moving into an environment that is designed for boys but allowing girls to participate is not meeting their full needs,” Williams said.

Leader Jan Helge Bohn of Cub Scout Pack 158 is excited about what the changes for his eight Cub Scout girls will be.

“Boys and girls will get to experience, learn and enjoy this great youth program called scouting,” Bohn said.

Bohn and Williams believe that their organizations provide great character- developing  programs.