Shenandoah Baptist Church hosts National Day of Prayer event

ROANOKE, Va. – Shenandoah Baptist Church hosted an event Thursday to celebrate the National Day of Prayer.

About 100 people of all ages turned out to pray. Along with prayer, Roanoke Valley Christian School students performed songs for the audience. 

Shenandoah Baptist has hosted a National Day of Prayer celebration for a couple years now. The pastor said he hopes the event encourages people to be more open to praying. 

"It helps remind our upcoming generation that, not only was the nation built on prayer, but we are going to continue to pray as Christians because we believe our city and our nation have a lot of needs," said Mark Hopkins, pastor at Shenandoah Baptist.

Hopkins also said, for Christians, every day is a national day of prayer but it's nice to focus on it on a special occasion.