Town of Appomattox fills council seats after canvassing votes

Appomattox registrar's office says 11 people were write-ins


LYNCHBURG, Va. – The town of Appomattox has filled all six seats on its town council even though there were only four names on the ballot.

 On Tuesday night, when all the votes were counted, there were more than 100 votes for write-in candidates.

The registrar's office spent the morning updating the system while the county's electoral board canvassed the votes.

"Putting the numbers the updated numbers, on the website, entering the people we determine are the winner. Entering that in there as far as for the write-ins and notifying those individuals," Mary Turner, secretary of electoral board for Appomattox County.

According to the state Board of Elections website James Boyce and Jonathan Garrett are projected to fill those open spots. The Appomattox registrar's office said the names of 11 people were written in.