Experts seeing increase in canine parvovirus in Roanoke city and county

The disease can be deadly if left untreated

ROANOKE, Va. – Ashley Groen owns Bark Worthy Dog Training and knows the importance of keeping her dog, Ethos, healthy.

That's why she brought him to Angels of Assisi mobile clinic. 

"If your dog isn't comfortable with the clinic environment. you might be able to come here and there is plenty of space for them to walk around and ease their stress and I think that's really helpful as well," said Ashley Groen professional dog trainer and owner of Bark Worthy Dog Training.

Angels of Assisi is offering reduced prices on services such as tick/flea medication, microchipping and vaccinations.

With warmer weather already here, medical director Josette Phillips, says she is seeing an increase of the highly contagious parvovirus in both Roanoke city and county.

"Parvo is a virus and it can actually get in the soil and concrete and it can live for seven years in the environment and the only thing that kills it is bleach," said Josette Phillips medical director of Angels of Assisi. 

Phillips said parvo can be deadly if left untreated and recommends vaccination to all dogs, especially puppies.

Here are a few things to keep in mind to protect your dog.

•    Know the vaccination history of dogs who come in contact with yours 
•    If exposed to parvo on clothes use bleach to kill it. 
•    If parvo has been in your home wait 6 months before bringing another animal in.

Angels of Assisi will be hosting another mobile pet clinic on May 15 at 9 a.m. at the New Century Church.