Virginia University of Lynchburg making history

8 athletes will graduate from VUL this weekend, most they've ever had


LYNCHBURG, Va – One local university is making history.

Virginia University of Lynchburg recently became a part of the National Christian College Athletic Association. For the first time, the small college will have eight athletes graduate this weekend and they say this is the most they've ever had.

The university's athletic director says students are taught to be students first and athletes second.

"What I tell them when they come here, 'Look you can play football, you can run track. You can do a merry of things here. But that degree is going to last you the rest of your life. Do the best you can, we're here to help. Let's get that degree and get moving," said Kyle Reichle, the athletic director and director of student services.

University officials say a lot of their students come from Maryland, Florida and South Carolina. They're currently making plans to recruit students in the Lynchburg area. 

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