Roanoke city police see uptick in number of counterfeit money cases

Police received nearly 40 counterfeit money cases in April

ROANOKE, Va. – Anjana Patel, owner of D and G Market, is a victim of counterfeit launderers.

“Last week, I got a fake $100 bill,” Patel said.

Detective Cris Bowling, of Roanoke City Police, said they're seeing an uptick in counterfeit cases.

“We had between 35 and 40 cases last month,” Bowling said.

Bowling said the counterfeit money is being used in places like local stores and fast-food restaurants during rush hour.

“One of the signs is when a customer is using large bills to pay for a 25 cent to $1 items, like a pack of gum,” Bowling said.

People looking to spot counterfeit bills should consider checking the ink, the security thread and the feel of the paper.