Students learn how to save someone who overdoses on drugs at symposium

Doctors in Lynchburg spoke to packed crowd at E. C. Glass High School

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Students in Lynchburg are learning how to save someone who overdoses on drugs. 

Local doctors spoke to a packed crowd at E. C. Glass High School to bring awareness to alcohol and opioid abuse.

By educating and being proactive to young students, these medical professionals believe they will be able to save more lives.

Psychiatrist Kathryn Johnson of Virginia Baptist Hospital talked about the concern about synthetic drugs.

“It has really become popular in the past 10 years. They have a significant amount of chemicals in them. Some of them are extremely powerful. So I want them to be aware of what is out there,” Johnson said.  

Some of the attendees included teachers including Emily Davis of E. C. Glass High School who want to help their students.

“One of my concerns is that I worry about my students a lot. There's a lot going on. More and more happens every day. I just want to be able to help them and educate them as well as be there to support them,” Davis said.  

One of the highlights during the session was to help kids see the causes and effects as well as the outcomes of what can happen after a drug overdose.

Christine Marraccini, who is a doctor and a parent, hopes this gathering will help students be more thoughtful in their decision making.

“I also hope that they may serve to be a first responder in the community. If they see their friends or folks at the party having problems with alcohol or opioid overuse, that they will help them,” Marraccini

Marraccini says she plans to help organize this event for students again next year.