Rebuild, recovery continues in Amherst County a month after storm

Amherst County waives permit fees for families impacted by storm


AMHERST, Va. – The sound of hammers pounding on Nottaway Drive brings comfort and joy to those who call it home.

"I remember having friends who were in neighborhoods building houses. I can remember them complaining about the noise. And we're happy about the noise. The noise means we're coming back,” said Leecy Fink, who lost her home in the storm. 

Leecy Fink and her family lost their house when an EF-3 tornado tore it apart. A month later, she's still finding her children's toys in the woods behind her neighbor's house. 

The family has removed their foundation and signed contracts to begin rebuilding. Fink said this has helped her children.

"We got family agreement that we're going to have a blue house. You know, it was my idea but I got buy-in from the kids. We've tried to get them involved in the process of moving forward and just kind of make the most of it and kind of make it exciting,” Fink said.
Amherst County is trying to help rebuild by waiving permits for families impacted by the tornado. 

"They waived permits for building permits to recover and repair homes and do modifications. They also waive permits to the landfill to help get rid of the trash, debris and vegetation,” Sam Bryant, interim public safety director, said.

Fink said, months from now, she doesn't want people to forget about Elon. She adds, it's going to take some time to get their neighborhood back to where it was.

"I saw some trees we thought were gonna die start to bloom. I feel like that kind of God's way of smiling at us saying, 'I'm with you guys for this season and next season and the next season,” Fink said.

The Fink family hope to have their home complete by December. 

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