Excitement builds in Windsor ahead of royal wedding


WINDSOR, England – 10 News Anchor Lindsey Ward is exploring Windsor, which is where Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will marry. 

On the train ride out she and her photographer, Lee, ran into two recent American college graduates. They planned a trip to Windsor after realizing they would be in the country the week of the wedding. 

In fact, one of the women says she is a royal super fan even though she calls Atlanta home and can’t wait see the carriage wedding route for herself. 

"I think the drive is one of the most remarkable things," said Evie Owens. "I remember watching the PBS show Victoria they always show the carriage of her coming down that long drive, pulling up to the castle and it’s super remarkable. I told Sheridan I might tear up, because I just love, I’m so excited, I love all this stuff, big fan."

Sheridan Nolty added, "I still can’t believe that we’re here at this time."

The ladies took a tour of the castle, which is open to the public until tomorrow before closing for final preparations. 

While catching a glimpse of any of the royals is rare, you can buy dozens of products with their faces on them.  That includes the new royal couple Harry and Meghan. 

One woman visiting Windsor from Australia couldn’t help but get in the wedding spirit. 

Jessica Westgate said, "It’s just been amazing. We’ve been going through all the little stores around, looking at all the merch, all the little teaspoons, and hats and everything. It’s been great, everyone is really friendly, it’s been exciting."

Lindsey Ward and Lee had to get in on the fun, too. She picked up a Meghan Markle and Prince Harry mask to bring back to the states. 

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