Franklin County to consider raising taxes

Real estate and personal property taxes could rise

FRANKLIN COUNTY – One of the region's most affordable places to own a home could soon see a change.

Franklin County Board of Supervisors will soon vote on two proposed tax increases. In order to fund necessary expenses next fiscal year like completing the new business park and increasing public safety in schools and in the community, the board is proposing to increase real estate and personal property taxes.

Without a tax increase board chair Cline Brubaker said funding will have to be cut somewhere.

“Some of the needs that are near and dear to our heart and each one of them is different. They can be the sheriffs department, and the security in the schools. Some of the funds for the sheriffs department are going to go for more security officers in schools,” Cline said.

All of which will be hard decisions he wants the board to make if they decide on not approving the full proposed tax increase.

Real estate taxes could increase by 7 cents. Personal property taxes could increase by 17 cents. Brubaker said the board could choose to vote for an increase, but lower the amount.

The final vote is May 29 at 3 p.m.

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