Most details remain a secret ahead of royal wedding

WINDSOR, England – The royal wedding is only two days away. Thursday, the staff, castle guard, and hundreds of others behind the scenes of the royal wedding will stage a rehearsal at Windsor Castle. 

While the royal couple and family members continue last-minute preparations behind the walls of Kensington Palace in London. 

Meanwhile, thousands of fans, many of whom are Americans, stormed the castle for tours before it closed for the rehearsal.

Tourist Nicole Bierlein said, "I was just walking around and it was just incredible to be in that place where you know in a few days Harry and Meghan are going to get married." 

We talked to numerous locals who all say the town looks spectacular. It's undergone a facelift of sorts and the fancy union flags now a door in the polls ahead of the wedding.  

One woman we spoke with says she just had to see the town for herself.

Claire Mercer, who lives near Windsor, said, "The place looks extremely well looked after, very tidy and so it's a beautiful day, so it looks like a fairytale castle."

Mercer is what they call here a royalist, someone who supports the royal family.

She said, "I think most people in Britain feel that we get such good value for money from the royals because they do bring a lot of tourism to the area."

Most details about the ceremony still remain a secret. 

What we do know: Markle will not have a maid of honor. Prince Harry is sticking to tradition and asking his brother, Prince William, to be his best man. 

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