London street artist pays tribute to royal couple

Pegasus Street Artist is an American living in the UK

LONDON – One London street artist, who is semi-anonymous, has quite the following. People recognize it around town, and he is paying tribute to the royal couple. 

He goes by Pegasus Street Artist. He won’t even tell us his first name. He’s an American who has called London home for 15 years. 

When he heard Harry was dating an American he couldn’t help but add her to his collection. 

Pegasus Street Artist said, “I painted her wearing an American flag dress titled Harry’s girl. She was kind of protected by two royal guards, so I was very excited. I was probably the very first optimistic person to paint Megan Markle and people thought no, it’s not going to stick, he’s not going to marry an American."

But of course he is. So this artist had to put something special together to mark the royal occasion. 

"I kind of wanted to pay tribute to this lovely couple and the fact that we have an American now in the royal family. It’s very exciting, I’m from Chicago, so I’m so so so excited, but I wanted to pay tribute to them and also do a very beautiful, loving piece."

You can check out Pegasus Street Artist's Instagram page here.

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