'It's a miracle we're alive'; Roanoke County family speaks after house destroyed in landslide

The family is safe but their cat is still missing

ROANOKE COUNTY, Va.- – "A miracle" is how a Roanoke county family said they were able to walk away unharmed after their home collapsed in a landslide while they slept inside Friday morning
Tim and Julie Trettner have cried many tears over the past three days. Their two-story brick home on the hill is flat.

"This house was 35 feet back that way and our ceilings were 10 feet tall," said Tim Trettner. He and his wife were sleeping in bed when all of a sudden a loud noise woke them up.

"We heard a sound at 4:45 (a.m.) that went from dead silent to what sounded a like a train in your room," said Trettner. 

Trettner said he knew the mountain behind their home was moving crushing the house to the slab. The family thought for sure they'd never make it out alive. 

"Julie said 'we're going to die,' and I said, 'yes we're are going to die,'" said Trettner. 

Believing their worst nightmare was coming true, they yelled many times for their son to come out from all the rubble. He was barely able to get out.

"That boy came down from an upstairs bedroom with no stairs. That is the strongest little boy I know," said Tim. 

The family said their whole life for the past 10 years was in this home.      

"We shouldn't be here when you look at that. It's a miracle and we'll move on," said Trettner.  

Since the landslide, the community is supporting the Trettners in every way they can.

"Thanks to everyone in Roanoke and beyond and our friends," said Trettner. 

The family is still looking for their family cat. She is a black cat named "Lucky."
A GoFundMe account was set up by neighbors. Another fundraiseris planned by Grace Family Church, which wants to raise money to help the family.