Mountain Valley Pipeline tree-sitter 'Nutty' comes down after 8 weeks


GILES COUNTY, Va. – The original Mountain Valley Pipeline protester in Giles County has decided to come down from her perch.

The woman known as "Nutty" drew national attention as she stayed in a "monopod" high above the ground to protest the construction of the pipeline. 

Nutty has been up there for eight weeks, and other protesters have followed her lead. 

Her food ran out several days ago, and supplies were cut off weeks ago. She lasted through freezing temperatures and severe weather. 

Supporters who tried to deliver supplies to Nutty were arrested. Lawyers had brought a suit against the Forest Service demanding that the government allow a physician to give Nutty medical care at her position in the Jefferson National Forest.

Nutty posted in the Facebook page Appalachians Against Pipelines that "more people in other places are gaining momentum. The fire has already caught; we must not let it die."

From Nutty: If you're reading this, it means the monopod blockade is no more. We knew it couldn't last forever. That's...

Posted by Appalachians Against Pipelines on Wednesday, May 23, 2018