New Facebook alert and the action you should take

Consider us one of your fact-checkers


You may have noticed recently when logging in to your Facebook app that it has yet another warning for users. In the latest effort to fight fake news, it is taking action by working with fact-checkers and removing false accounts.

Though Facebook says it blocks millions of attempts to register fake accounts every day, some still get through. In its commitment to reducing the spread of false news, they are removing fake accounts by identifying them through technology and feedback from the community.

You can help to control what’s in your news feed and protect yourself from the fake stuff, preventing yourself from becoming part of the problem in sharing “news” that really isn’t, by putting WSLS 10 at the top of your feed.

In doing so, you will have quick access to your trusted news source, providing you the most accurate and up-to-date information on all things happening locally and around the world.

You can easily start by marking your preferences in your personal social media. Do you Like or Follow WSLS 10 / WSLS.com on Facebook?

Look for our name, “WSLS 10 / WSLS.com” in the search bar, then add us.


And then mark us for priority treatment. Here’s how to do that:

  • Go to our page.
  • Tap or click on the "Following" tab, in the upper left area of your screen.
  • Make sure your preferences say “See first” under the section called, In your News Feed.
  • Make sure your preferences are switched to “On” for Notifications. This will allow you to be alerted if we post an event or hop on Facebook Live.

Here’s what it should look like: 


“If we can’t get to a place where we have a platform of 2 billion people who are able to connect and communicate authentically, and we’re not able to protect that from abuse, then we really will have failed,” a representative says in a Facebook video.

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