Roanoke County parents once again asking school leaders to put safety first

ROANOKE COUNTY, Va – School security is at the top of parents minds once again in our area. This comes after yet another school shooting in America.

Police said a boy is in custody after he opened fire at an Indiana middle school Friday morning. One adult and one student were hurt.

There have been 23 school shootings in the U.S. this year. That's an average of more than one per week.

Parents here in Roanoke feel nothing is being done to protect our children. That's why some of them went to school leaders for answers.

Diane Bell is the founder of Roanoke County Public Schools Active Shooter Prevention Alliance. She's also one of many parents with students in  the county schools fighting to make them safer.

After the Santa Fe, Texas school shooting, Bell and other parents and supporters asked the school board to once again consider making some changes.

"Our group has not felt that Roanoke County has historically responded in a way that is acceptable for the gravity of the situation," said Bell. 

Bell said having more security in schools should not be on the back burner. 

"Right now I'm a desperate parent looking for a solution. So that I won't have to feel that my children are just like fish in a barrel when they go to school every day. Because right now I feel that way." said Bell. 

School board members read a statement during Thursday night's school board meeting addressed to county supervisors, requesting additional police and other law enforcement officers to be present on a regular basis at all their schools. 


"Finally felt something last night, I felt like there was a resolve. I feel like they understand," said Bell.