Salem elementary student takes BB gun on school bus

No one was hurt and the student is being disciplined


SALEM, Va. – A Salem elementary school student is in trouble after showing a BB gun to other children on a school bus. 

The G.W. Carver student took a plastic, orange-tipped soft pellet BB gun to school Tuesday afternoon, according to a city spokesman.

One of the students told his parent that night, and the parent then contacted the school Wednesday morning. 

Once informed, school administrators, along with the School Resource Officer, immediately took care of the issue, according to the spokesman. 

School administrators talked to the parents whose children were directly affected.

Here is the statement that the principal shared with parents:

Carver Families,

I want to make you aware of a situation that happened at school today.  A student in our school was found to be in possession of a BB gun.  We are following the policies and procedures outlined in the Student Code of Conduct to handle this discipline matter.  The incident has been referred to the Salem Police Department through our resource officer and will be investigated accordingly.   We were made aware of this situation by a parent who was informed by his child.  If you are ever aware of any safety concerns, please contact us immediately.  I hope you will use this as an opportunity to remind your child that if he sees or hears anything that concerns him, to immediately tell an adult.

Kristyn Schmidt, Principal G.W. Carver

In general, significant misconduct or infractions are referred to the Division’s Disciplinary Review Committee. Details about specific types of punishments or disciplinary consequences are part of the student’s permanent record.

In addition, the Salem PD is still looking into the matter.