Church members resume Sunday service for first time since last week's flood

Fair Haven Fellowship gathers in song and prayer

COLLINSVILLE, Va. – Since last week's devastating flood, members of the Fair Haven Fellowship have been busy cleaning up.

But not too busy to resume Sunday services.

“It's a blessing to encourage one another to keep going and to keep our heads lifted up,” church member Marcia Deaver said.

Pastor Randy Sawyers said the church family was grateful to be able to gather in the same building upstairs.

“We're bouncing back and spirits are still high and we want to rejoice today in the goodness of God,” Sawyers said.

Together they rejoiced in song and prayer.

“We have each other and the church. The people are the ones that make up the church. It's not the building,” Deaver said.

As for the downstairs, Sawyers said it's still very damp from the flood.

He expects the cleanup to continue for several more weeks.


While the congregation continues to rebuild, Sawyers said he's confident they will continue to have services one way or another.