Bedford County parents, students upset over Liberty High School prinicipal reassignment

Parents say Principal Kathy Dills is positive motivator for students

BEDFORD, Va. – The end of the school year in Bedford County has been clouded by drama. A group of students and parents from Liberty High School are upset because they say they're losing their principal.

Parents have reached out to 10 News, wanting us to find answers as to why they are hearing Dr. Kathy Dills could be reassigned.

Parents say Principal Dills has been a positive motivator for the students and believe the change is uncalled for.

"This teacher actually cares about these students and this school. This is her life's blood. We need to keep her hear," Heather Massey, a mother, said.

"Leave Dr. Dills here, I mean that's what I think everybody would want. There's no need for this change," Nancy Thompson, also a parent, said.

We asked Bedford County Schools about the alleged change and we're told they were personnel matters that could not be commented on. Students are planning a protest Wednesday.