Remembering servicemen and women at memorial service in Dublin

DUBLIN, Va.- – A Memorial Day ceremony was held at Southwest Virginia Veterans Cemetery in Dublin. The program was to remember those who served and died.
There was also a roll call of veterans of from past wars who were in attendance. Several organizations and special guests placed wreaths in honor and respect for the fallen heroes for the sacrifices they made to defend our freedom.     
Bernard Marie, a supporter of veterans, was the keynote speaker. He was 5-years-old, living in France, when he was saved by American soldiers during D-Day. 

"If they would not have been successful, I would not have been here today. They would have tortured the families or I will be speaking Russian because the Russians were coming very fast from the other side. If D-Day would not have been successful, Russia would have controlled all of Europe," said Marie. 

People were invited to visit the site and graves of veterans after the ceremony.