Too much of a good thing: Recent rain causing problems for plants

Saturated soil causing roots to rot

DANVILLE, Va. – All of the recent rain is creating problems for plants.

Danville's extension agent, Stuart Sutphin, said the wet, warm and humid weather is ideal for diseases to develop.

The biggest problem right now is plant roots are starting to rot.

The water in the soil effectively chokes the roots, preventing them from being able to take in the oxygen they need.

If your plants are turning yellow from the bottom up, that's a sign the roots are rotting.

Sutphin said the best thing to do right now is sit and wait for drier weather.

"A lot of the plants, like tomatoes for example, if they start turning yellow from the bottom up just start picking off those bottom leaves and maybe you can stop it from spreading," Sutphin said.

He said a lot of the plants should be able to recover once the weather dries out.

If you have any questions or concerns about your plants, contact your local extension agent. In Danville, the phone number is 434-799-6558.