Study reveals VIR's impact on Southside economy

Economic impact study presented Wednesday; first study since 2009

DANVILLE, Va. – Virginia International Raceway generates nearly $200 million a year for Southside's economy.

That's according to the new economic impact study the Halifax County track's CEO, Connie Nyholm, presented Wednesday morning at the Institute for Advanced Learning and Research in Danville.

The study is the first in nearly 10 years and shows the track brings in more than $237 million a year for the state as a whole.

Nyholm said an updated economic development study is needed to apply for grants to help fix problems with the track's water system.

"The message I hope to get across today is, this is a team sport. We work very closely with Halifax, Danville and Pittsylvania counties to grow VIR, to serve all of our guests," Nyholm said.

She hopes the track will continue to grow, but said that if the water system can't be addressed the track may have to downsize.