As mosquitoes increase after recent rain, make sure your pets are protected against heartworm

Mosquitoes can transmit heartworm, which can be deadly


DANVILLE, Va. – If you have a pet, make sure your pet is protected against heartworm, especially now.

Mosquitoes are likely to be more active now in the wake of the recent rain.

Heartworm can be deadly, and cats and dogs can get heartworm from a mosquito bite.

Even if your pet doesn't go outside, you should still have it vaccinated against heartworm because mosquitoes can get in your home.

"We're seeing a lot of heartworm-positive dogs come in. It's that time of year with the mosquitoes," Tonya Wyatt, a vet technician at the Animal Medical Center of Danville, said. "Most of the time, the owner will notice they'll start coughing and kind of panting a lot. They'll bring them in and we'll run a heartworm test and find out they're heartworm positive."

To help reduce mosquitoes around your home, eliminate standing water in things like flower pots, cars, and even on the ground.