Students from 40 high schools participate in After Prom Grand Finale

More than 300 students attend after-prom event at Elmwood Park

ROANOKE, Va. – Students from 40 high schools across Southwest Virginia came to Elmwood Park for the After Prom Grand Finale.

Student Luke Robertson of Franklin County high school was excited to be here. 

“It means you can be part of something and have a good time,” Robertson said.

Each student qualified for this elaborate event because they made it home safely to their families during prom night.

Chairperson Becky Parr of the Roanoke Area Youth Substance Abuse Coalition said it's important for schools, parents and the community to continue supporting after-prom parties like this one.

“We want to celebrate them and thank them for making the healthy and safe choice on prom night,” Parr said. 

Even though only one student will win a free car, Robertson believes he has much to be grateful for.

“Being alive and safe, and being with family friends and loved ones is more important than getting a free car,” Robertson said.

Parr hopes students will continue to have fun with their friends without the use of drugs or alcohol.