Botetourt County Sheriff's Office increasing patrols to save lives

Deputies in Botetourt County want to save your life by making sure you're following the rules of the road.

Route 11 is one of the busiest roads in Botetourt County, and deputies are working overtime checking for violations on the road and other major roads in the county. 

This is part of a traffic safety program started by the Sheriff's Office Friday. The program works by having deputies sign up on a volunteer basis outside of their typical duties to patrol the county and the major roads, including 460, route 11, 604, 220 and Interstate 81.
Those at the Sheriff's Office say speeding is a problem so they'll be running radar and checking for other violations in the process to keep everyone safe. 

"The interstate is dangerous for our deputies. It's dangerous for our EMS crew to be out there responding. This is kind of a ripple effect. If we can slow traffic down and decrease accidents then that would decrease the amount of time that our EMS, fire and rescue people need to spend up there," says Lt. Jeff Stritesky, of the Botetourt County Sheriff's Office. 

"We don't just stop a car for no reason. They have broken a traffic law or other law. That's why we are stopping them. And I try to explain to them we have a radar unit in our car," says Travis Alderman, of the Botetourt County Sheriff's Office. 

This is the first time the Sheriff's Office has done this program. We're told the traffic safety program will continue indefinitely.