New planters added to downtown Roanoke's Jefferson Street

The 25 self-watering planters can go two to three weeks between watering

Credit: Downtown Roanoke, Inc.
Credit: Downtown Roanoke, Inc.

ROANOKE, Va. – Another beautification project has been completed in downtown Roanoke.

The Jefferson Street corridor from Salem Avenue to Bullitt Avenue is now decorated with 25 new planters, adding a pop of color to the area.

With an innovative design from EarthPlanter, the planters are self-watering and require less time, fuel and labor to maintain.

The planters can go two to three weeks without needing to be watered due to their large reservoir.

Downtown Roanoke Inc. has been working on and expanding beautification efforts in Roanoke since taking over the Valley Beautiful's Hanging Basket Program in 2014.

The organization hopes to create a clean, safe and vibrant downtown area through various projects to add beauty to the community.