Blacksburg family sees bear in their yard

The only animal that they ever see is an occasional skunk

BLACKSBURG, Va. – An unexpected visitor greeted Lindsay Long and her daughter, Sailor, in their yard Monday morning.

“At first I thought mom was joking around and then I realized she was serious and I thought ‘Oh my gosh,’ there is a bear in my backyard," said Sailor.

Lindsay says the only animal that they ever see is an occasional skunk, but nothing like this.

“It ran from back there and rushed straight by me and didn't even look in our direction and it was in a full gallop,” said Lindsay.

She immediately rushed inside and called Blacksburg Police. They confirmed to 10 News that officers received reports of a bear. Officers also said just a few feet from the Longs' home. A bear was clipped by a box truck near Toms Creek and Newman Lane.

10 News has been tracking these encounters with Blacksburg residents.

Just last month another neighborhood complained of a bear rummaging through their trashcans and making afternoon visits.

The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries lists these tips if you encounter a bear.

•    Stay calm. If you see a bear and it has not seen you, calmly leave the area and back away slowly.
•    Give the bear plenty of room to escape. Bears rarely attack people unless they feel cornered or provoked.
•    And don’t run or make any sudden movements.