Owner has to pay fines in downtown Roanoke dog attack in March

Mark Roberts will pay $525

ROANOKE, Va.- – The owner of a dog involved in a vicious attack in Roanoke got his day in court Tuesday.  

Mark Roberts will have to pay a $525 fine after being charged with having an unlicensed dog, allowing a dog to run at large and failing to take steps and precautions, as an animal owner, to protect the public. 

Dog involved in downtown Roanoke attack had history of violence

Police say his English bull terrier attacked a woman pushing a stroller downtown in March.

Man who shot dog describes downtown Roanoke dog attack

A man tried to help her, but the dog started attacking him, too. Roberts was charged with owning an unlicensed dog, allowing a dog to run at large and failing to take steps and precautions to protect the public.

Man who shot dog after Thursday's attack says he's not facing charges

The dog was shot by a resident and was later euthanized.