D-Day Memorial commemorates those who made ultimate sacrifice in Normandy 74 years ago

Feature speaker included grandson of Gen. George S. Patton

BEDFORD, Va. – The National D-Day Memorial paid tribute to those who made the ultimate sacrifice in Normandy 74 years ago and to honor those who lived to fight another day. 

Among the keynote speakers was George Patton Waters, grandson of General George S. Patton.

“It's the day the Germans realized America was here to win the war. Just to see the guys that did this is just so heart-warming. It's the commitment of service, sacrifice and just the contribution to America that these men made. My message is to say thank you on behalf of the Patton family. That's my mission. My grandfather obviously isn't here,” Waters said. 

Desmond Doss Jr., the son of Desmond Doss, a United States Army medic during World War II, featured in the film, ‘Hacksaw Ridge,’ shared why this ceremony is so important.

“The significance is to remember the people that gave their lives so that we can live the life that we have today,” Doss Jr. said.

Doss Junior highlighted the importance of doing justice for the people who gave their lives.

“If we failed to live to the fullest, then we have not honored them completely,” Doss Jr. said.

Doss Jr. and Waters hope that no one will forget the sacrifice so many made on that day.