Local safe spots offered in the region for families dealing with domestic disputes

ROANOKE,Va. – Police say the abduction of baby Emma Kennedy, earlier this week, all started from a dispute between her parents at a local convenience store. 

10 News sat down with local experts about how to deal with hostile relationships that involve children.
Sabrina's Place, a local organization, offers a safe space for families.
The organization offers secure rooms for child exchanges or for families with a violent history to talk.  

"We see clients for a multitude of reasons whether it be the potential of violence, whether it’s been a hostile situation. Some of our clients have been court ordered and some are just self-referred because they want to be here," said Stacey Sheppard, director of human services and housing for Total Action for Progress. 

Sheppard says if families aren't able to meet at Sabrina’s Place, they should go to other safe spaces, like a police department. Sabrina’s Place is a nonprofit organization that has recently lost funding and has had to reduce the number of families it serves. For more information or ways to donate, follow this link.