Northside HS student leaves wheelchair, stunning crowd at graduation

Ashlynn Moore walks stage

ROANOKE, Va. – Ashlynn Moore stunned a packed crowd when she rose from her wheelchair and walked across the stage to get her diploma at the Northside High School ceremony.


“I felt happy when I walked on stage and then graduated,” Moore said.

Due to spina bifida, Moore has been using a wheelchair for nearly her whole life.

Moore said she chose to walk the stage because she wanted to feel a part of her graduating class.

“I was like, proud of it," she said. "I was proud of myself for walking that stage and then to come back to my chair."

Much of the screaming in a video taken at the ceremony came from Moore's godmother, Robynn Jaymes.

"It was astounding," Jaymes said. "I was told by the family that she wanted to walk across like the normal kids to get her diploma."

Moore, who loves to sing, hopes to be on "America’s Got Talent."

She also wants to visit the happiest place on earth.

“I want to go to Disney World and see Mickey and Donald,” Moore said.

The ambitious graduate isn't slowing down any time soon.

This fall, Moore will return to Northside High School to further her studies in life skills.

On July 4, she will sing the national anthem at the Crystal Spring Fire Station. 

But for now, it's her steps at graduation that are taking center stage.