Danville's new gang prevention coordinator wasting no time getting to work

Robert David, Sr.'s first day was Monday

DANVILLE, Va. – Danville's new gang prevention coordinator is wasting no time getting to work.

Monday was Robert David Sr.'s first day on the job.

As 10 News reported last week, he's been hired to help coordinate the various efforts underway in the city to crack down on gang activity.

David is a motivational speaker, champion body builder and has his own recovery and life coaching service.

He's also worked as a juvenile court counselor in North Carolina.

Even though Monday was only his first day, he was already making connections.

"The people that I've met, everyone has passion. That's one thing I can say; everyone's passionate about what they're doing, about moving towards getting some resolve to this and helping the community, helping the youth," David said.

His position is being funded by a grant from the state attorney general's office.