Danville Life Saving Crew offering new 'Rescue Academy'

Academy will allow people to earn their EMS certifications in six months

DANVILLE, Va. – The Danville Life Saving Crew is starting a new program to help train people to be EMTs.

The six-month course starts in September.

Everyone who completes it will be certified to work anywhere in the state.

According to the Danville Life Saving Crew, there is a shortage of EMTs in the area.


One reason for the shortage is a lack of continual training.

"You may have sporadic classes; you may have one class in the spring, another class in the fall, one class through the winter," DLSC assistant executive director Bryan Fox said. "There is a lack of continual training progression through EMS systems in this city as well as the county. This is the first ever. We're hoping to have about 15 to 20 folks in the class."

To sign up for the program, contact the Danville Area Training Center at 434-792-1871.