Citizens needed to report drug deals in Lynchburg

Concern Reliable Citizen course trains neighbors how to identify a drug deal

LYNCHBURG, Va. – It's the summer, and Lynchburg police need the community's help when it comes to drug activity in their neighborhoods.

Concern Reliable Citizen, or CRC, is a program to train community members on how to identify a drug deal going down.

People interested in joining must go through a background check. They are trained and eventually become certified sources to police.

The Lynchburg Commonwealth Attorney's Office teaches the citizens how to report illegal drug activity in their neighborhoods.

They learn the different types of drugs, the way they look and the importance of accurate reporting. This helps police find the probable cause they need to get a search warrant for a home.

"Someone can see a white powder and say, 'Oh, they're dealing cocaine' Well unless that drug is chemically tested, you don't know it's cocaine. So factually reporting, 'I see a white powder, a small bag in someone's hand, and they're handing it off to this person and they gave money back.' Well, the conclusion is there was a drug sale, but it also can be imitation. It could be fake. So it's up to the officers to conduct a full investigation," said Bethany Harrison, the Lynchburg commonwealth attorney

Harrison held a class last week and will hold another when there is enough interest. If you would like to take part or report illegal drug activity in your neighborhood, call the Lynchburg police numbers below.

Crime Prevention: 434-455-6070. 
Non-emergency numbers: 434-455-6050 and 434-847-1602.