Danville Parks and Rec's Fun Wagon helping kids stay cool during current heat wave

Fun Wagon is an assortment of water activities Parks and Rec sets up around city

DANVILLE, Va. – Danville's Parks and Recreation Department has a free and fun way for kids to beat the heat.

It's called the Fun Wagon and brings with it various water activities, including a giant sprinkler, that are set up at different locations around the city.

The activities started June 4 and take place every Monday and Wednesday through Aug. 8.

Morgan Kern is the parks and recreation department's community program coordinator.

She said the activities are always very popular.

"The kids are always very excited. Usually, they're out at the location waiting for us to arrive. Even if we're 10 minutes early, the kids are still out there waiting. Their favorite part is before we turn it on, they all stand in the middle of the sprinkler and wait for the water to start," Kerns said.

For a list of activity locations, contact the parks and recreation department.