Parents remind others about pool safety after recording son climbing pool ladder

ROANOKE, Va.- – Shocking Facebook video is making the rounds on social media.

The father of a 2-year-old records his son climbing a protective covering for the ladder on the family's above ground pool. Tanya Trevilian with Carilion Children's said even a protective covering may not always prevent your child from being curious around water.

"Virginia has laws on the books so that if you have a pool in your yard you're supposed to have a gate around it. And it's supposed to be locked. Obviously that was a locking ladder but toddlers can climb under dressers and bookshelves and anything they can find a way to come on top," said Trevilian. 

The Massachusetts dad posted the video to serve as a reminder and warning to other parents. About 800 children drown in the U.S every year according to safe kids.org.

Trevilian says drowning can happen silently.

"You lose track of them for about 5 minutes and bad things can happen especially if they can gain access to the pool if they know how to undo the latch or they know how to climb over the side,"

Safe kids has designed a water watcher card for adults to use with children around pools. Thankfully, the child was pulled from the ladder before reaching the top. The family plans to install a fence around the pool for extra protections.